2/3 Qur’an/Arabic

As Aalamu Alaykum,

My class is split in two groups: group A and Group B.

Group A

1. Ameen Zafar

2. Ariana Husain
3. Amal Mohamad
4. Alayna Anwar
5. Zahar Moosani
6. Zoyah Mirza
7. Hufsa Jamil
8. Nauman Kamal


In today’s lesson they learned hamazat al qata and hamazat ul-wasul. We went over the first three versus in suraht Ash-Shams.


Silent Hamzat Al-wasl worksheet. Memorize the first three Ayahs in Surah Ash-Shams.


Group B

1. Meerub Basheer

2. Safaa Bushner
3. Eliza Arain
4. Jaida Arain
5. Zaki Malik
6. Yusuf Wooten
7. Ata Yesilyuat
8. Ibrahim Syed
9. Zauharya Zafar
10. Inaaya Majeed
11. Amisah Ali
12. Rayyam Ali

We went over the letters and we went over the first three Ayas in surah Al-Quraish. We went over the letters of the Arabic alphabet.


The students will be tested on all the letter of the Arabic alphabet next Sunday, so make sure they study it. (November 8) The have to memorize the first three Ayas of Surah Al-Quraish.


Please note that both group need to bring a notebook and pencil with them next Sunday.

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