4th/5th Gr. Seerah Class Update

Assalam alaikum everyone! Welcome back after last weeks long weekend, hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Thank you to all the parents who came in to meet me for parent teacher conferences, it was a pleasure meeting all of you! For those parents who could not make it and have questions or concerns, please feel free to email me any time!

We had a good class today, although the kids came back after break, I had them give me a quick overview of what they remember from the previous class and they all remembered and were able to relay a lot of the information back to me, probably because we played bingo with m&m’s to eat, that is definitely something that would make the material stick!! 😉

This week we talked about the revelation of the Quran to the Holy Prophet, how it happened, how he felt and what the result of his meetings with Angel Jibril were. This will conclude this semester and we will be taking the midterm on December 18th, before the two week break. The kids were provided with study guides, which are all worksheets and notes we did in class all combined in one with the same questions and the same answers, we have covered the answers repeatedly so they shouldn’t have any problems with it, if they do its ok! We will review again next week. I am thinking of doing a “jeopardy” type review session to make it fun and to make it stick 🙂 I have attached the study guide with the answers.

For those who will be absent on the 18th (two parents have already told me they will be absent, I will let them take the test next week on their own) please email me and let me know I will let them take the test next week as well.

Lastly, I had a parent ask if there were any chapter books related to the life of Prophet/Islam that the kids can read in addition to their regular school reading that they have (fiction and nonfiction books) if anyone has any ideas or good books for this age group , please send us all an email, all of the class email addresses are in this email, you can reply all and talk to everyone’s parents of the kids in this class. I will also research and look around and let you know if there are any books that would be good for them. Also any other suggestions, something we need to add into the class, take out of the class, please be open and send me any ideas that you have!!

Ok so maybe not “lastly” 😉 but when we come back after the new year, we will do an art project, which will be the family tree of the Prophet, InshAllah. I am excited to present this to the class too!

Everyone, have a wonderful week! And again I am blessed to be teaching a wonderful group of kids, May Allah bless you all and keep you and your children in His protection, Ameen!!

Click here to review the mid-term study guide.

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