4th/5th Islamic Studies Update

Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi baraktu,

This past week we discussed dkhikr, or remembrance of Allah sw, and why it is prescribed and why its important. We discussed that it is a sign of gratitude to Allah sw for all that we have. We discussed that there are many forms of dhikr including the many duas we say during the day from when we wake up to before eating and when riding in a car, etc. We then discussed the adhkar after prayer including astaghfurallah, ayat kursi, tasbeeh, tahleel, and tahmeed. We then talked about the daily adhkar than can be done including astaghfurallah 100 times, subhannallah wa bihamdihi subhannallah atheem 100 times, and la illaha illa Allah wahdahu la sharika lahu mulk wa lahu el hamd wa huwa ala kula shay’in qadeer 100 times and the reward for each.

Their homework is:
1) to begin learning at home with parents ayat kursi and the translation of it
2)remember to say the adhkar after prayer
3)try and remember to say each of the daily adhkar at minimum one time a day

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