4th/5th Seerah Updates

Salam parents!

Hope everyone is doing good and staying healthy!

Much better class this week, thank you to all of you who talked with their kids it is greatly appreciated, everyone was very attentive and had some great comments and questions. We talked about patience and how our Prophet was patient with those who did not want to follow his teachings and tried to do bad things with him. Also about Qiyamah and how our good deeds weigh out our bad deeds.

Interesting questions arose, some kids asked why do we fear Allah, if we should have so much love for Him and his teachings he sent us through our Prophet, the analogy I told them was the example of cheating in a test, how we fear getting in trouble from our teacher and failing , but also fear our parents will find out and be upset with us, just like our life is a test and Allah is testing us and hoping we all do the right things so we are not punished by Him on the day of judgement, but at the same time our parents love us and forgive us, and Allah is most forgiving and most loving, (also bringing in the importance of repentance) they very well understood this and hopefully it will be something that will stick with them forever!

We will play jeopardy next week on the notes we took for the assigned family members we all presented on, I asked the kids to review their notes and we will do a quick review before we play as well

Have a great rest of your week!

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