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Parent-teacher conferences will be held on Sunday, February 26th. Because teachers will be meeting during their non-teaching hours on Sunday, there are limited slots available. Parents are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible. If none of the times available work for you, please email your child’s teachers to set up a phone conference.

KG/1 Islamic Studies Updates

Assalamualaikum Parents,

It has been a very successful semester in KG – 1st grade Islamic Studies. Thank you for allowing your children to join our class and we look forward to seeing you all in 2017. Have a wonderful and safe winter break!!Due to weather and an

Due to weather and an unforeseen absence we were unable to finish the lessons on Prophet Yacoub and Khadija, but inshallah we will add them to our lessons in January. Our lessons for the last 8 weeks are listed below:

Prophet Muhammad
10/23 – Week 1 – His family, children, wives, family tree project
10/30 – Week 2 – worked as a shepherd and as a merchant (worked for and married Khadijah), drew picture of scenery of one or both of his jobs
11/6 – Week 3 – Muhammad becomes a Prophet, Jabal al Noor story, drew a picture of what

Prophet Nuh
11/13 – We read the story of Nuh and the Ark in the Children’s Qur’an – we completed an ark craft w/ animal crackers

Prophet Yunus
11/20 – We read the story of Yunus and the whale – we completed a color sheet showing Yunus inside of the whale
We also watched a cartoon video of the story:

Thanksgiving break
11/27 – No School

Prophet Suleiman – 12/4

12/11 – (Prophet Yacoub scheduled) No School due to weather
12/18 – (Khadijah scheduled) Absent

WS,Ms. Joy and

Ms. Joy and Ms. Suha

Salaam Parents,

Please be reminded that Parent-Teacher Conferences will be on Sunday, December 4th after Thanksgiving Break (there is no school this Sunday, November 27). There will be a full day of classes for students and teachers will be available to meet with parents for 10 minutes during their non-teaching hours. Because of the limited spots, we highly urge you to sign-up for a conference with your child’s teachers as soon as possible!

K-1 Qur’an/ Arabic – Lama Sharaf
K-1 Islamic studies – Joy Turner
2nd/3rd Qur’an/ Arabic AND 4th/5th Qur’an/ Arabic – Hala Elrefah
2nd/3rd Islamic studies – Amro Shamaileh
4th/5th Islamic studies – Sharif Nasr
4th/5th Seerah – Nabeela Mohammed
6th/7th Qur’an/ Arabic – Sarah Abu-Alsamen
6th/7th Seerah AND Islamic studies – Hassan Syed
NEW Teens’ Islamic Studies – Mona Elgindy

Assalamualaikum Parents,

This week in Islamic Studies we talked about a few different topics. First we talked about three of the 99 names of Allah (SWT), Al-Khaliq (the Creator), Al-Bari (the Maker) and Al Musawwir (the Shaper). Next we talked about the difference between Allah’s creations and things that are man-made. Lastly, I read them the short story of creation from our children’s Qur’an. When discussing the differences between Allah’s creations and man-made things the children were very clear on the difference and we made two detailed examples of each. The goal of the lesson was to teach the children the significance of Allah (SWT), to understand how amazing He is and that he can do all things with no help from anyone.

To illustrate the lesson, I asked the children to make a colorful drawing of Allah’s creations on a piece of paper along with the word Al-Khaliq, and on the other side they drew colorful pictures of man-made things. As always they were very clear on the lesson and they did a great job on their artwork.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday IA.


Joy and Suha

KG/1 Islamic Studies Update

Assalamualaikum Parents,

This week in Islamic Studies we started class by reading a book about good intentions. In the book the main character made several attempts to do good deeds for his family but failed to complete each one due to various comical mishaps. The moral of the story is that Allah (SWT) knows what’s in our hearts and gives us credit for our good intentions.

To illustrate this lesson I asked the children to write three of their recent good deeds on strips of construction paper and then they linked them together to form a chain. For homework I asked the children to talk to their parents about the good deeds lesson and come up with a list of things that they could do throughout the week at home or at school. I gave them a sheet where they could record their good deeds and mark the days when they complete them. For every good deed that they do, I told them to create a new link and add to their good deed “chain”. IA this will provide an opportunity for you to discuss this concept in greater detail.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you all next Sunday.


Joy and Suha

Assalamualaikum Parents,

This week in Islamic Studies we studied the five pillars of Islam. I started by asking the children if they knew what pillars were and they said yes. They quickly referred to the ones in the front of the White House. I asked them if they knew why the pillars were there and they brilliantly told me that they are there to make the building strong. This led to several moments of Q&A discussing how the five pillars of Islam help us to stay strong in Islam. We spent a significant amount of time listing each of the five pillars (Shahadah, Prayer, Charity, Fasting and Hajj) and explaining their significance to us as Muslims. We reached the conclusion that the five pillars provide us with a solid foundation to practice Islam.

To illustrate the lesson, we used construction paper to create a house (Islam) along with the five pillars, which were cutout and labeled. My goal in this lesson was to give the children a general explanation for the main aspects of our belief system. In the coming months we will revisit each one of the pillars so that they can develop a deeper understanding.

Have a great week and IA we will see you all on Sunday!!


Joy and Suha

KG/1st Islamic Studies

Assalumualaikum Parents,
Welcome to the 2016 -2017 Webb Foundation Sunday school year!!
This year we will cover lots of material in our class and my plan is to make each class informative and fun for our students.
This week in our first class we played a memory name game so that the children could learn each other’s names and learn fun facts about their classmates. We also talked about honesty, which is this month’s character trait. I asked the children to tell me what honesty meant and they were right on target when they said ‘to tell the truth’….I plan to make this a running concept in our classroom throughout the year because I believe honesty is the best way to develop positive relationships and create strong character.
Finally, I took the children outside to participate in an exercise on gratitude.  I asked the children to lay on beach towels and close their eyes. They laid quiet and still for a moment and I asked them to tell me what they heard. They raised their hands and told me they heard birds chirping, cars on the freeway, wind, dogs barking, etc. Next I asked them how they felt and the responses were varied but most of them felt happy and warm. I told them that this exercise was meant to introduce them to the concept of gratitude. I asked them if they knew what it meant and after just a little probing several students told me gratitude meant being thankful. I explained that we should practice gratitude so that we can learn to appreciate the people and things in our lives. Before we left for the day I gave each of the children a slip of paper that read ‘I am thankful for…’ and asked them to write one thing that they are thankful for. My goal is to do this each week when they come in to class so that they never forget how blessed they are.
I am honored that you have entrusted me with your children and I will do my best to make each class fun and informative. Please feel free to share your feedback and ideas with me. I look forward to a productive school year. Have a great week and inshallah we will see you on Sunday.
Ms. Joy (Islamic Studies teacher)
Ms. Suha (TA)

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