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Parent-teacher conferences will be held on Sunday, February 26th. Because teachers will be meeting during their non-teaching hours on Sunday, there are limited slots available. Parents are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible. If none of the times available work for you, please email your child’s teachers to set up a phone conference.

Salaam Parents,

Please be reminded that Parent-Teacher Conferences will be on Sunday, December 4th after Thanksgiving Break (there is no school this Sunday, November 27). There will be a full day of classes for students and teachers will be available to meet with parents for 10 minutes during their non-teaching hours. Because of the limited spots, we highly urge you to sign-up for a conference with your child’s teachers as soon as possible!

K-1 Qur’an/ Arabic – Lama Sharaf
K-1 Islamic studies – Joy Turner
2nd/3rd Qur’an/ Arabic AND 4th/5th Qur’an/ Arabic – Hala Elrefah
2nd/3rd Islamic studies – Amro Shamaileh
4th/5th Islamic studies – Sharif Nasr
4th/5th Seerah – Nabeela Mohammed
6th/7th Qur’an/ Arabic – Sarah Abu-Alsamen
6th/7th Seerah AND Islamic studies – Hassan Syed
NEW Teens’ Islamic Studies – Mona Elgindy

The Teens will be going to Finley Rd for their Adopt-a-Highway clean-up this Sunday, Nov 20th. Br. Ed and I will chaperone. Parents, please sign the waivers that were handed out to your children last Sunday!
Ms. Mona
Salam Parents,
In last few weeks, we have studied the careful process of recording the Quran into written form. And the process to ensure its uniformity and precise accuracy in recitation.
We have also studied the themes of revelation in the first three years since the first revelation was made.
We have had some class activities to focus on those themes as well.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We plan to take part in the street cleaning project on Finley Rd that Mohammed Webb adopted on November 20. We should have enough drivers to take the kids with Br Edmund and myself. We will have waiver forms next week for parents to sign, iA.
I am also encouraging our teens to volunteer to help distribute turkeys on Tuesday, Nov 22nd for the Chicago Annual Turkey Drive, more details to come, iA.
Salam Teen Parents,
We have been learning the meaning of Surat al-Fatiha and how it is the lens that we use to understand the rest of the Quran.
We also discussed how it’s a prayer for Guidance and a summary of what our Faith is about.
We then did some activities to understand how we can be those on the Straight Path and those without anger for anger can reflect ingratitude. We will continue this lesson next week as well, iA.

Salam Parents,

I’m so excited to start this year with you all. I will be teaching the teens in the Islamic Studies class. Our topic this year is “Understanding the Quran: Faith into Action” and I will be using the book: Revelation by Meraj Mohiuddin as my main resource.
We have had 2 great classes so far. Our first class was introducing the class and students to each other.
The second class we covered the circumstances in the prophets life that led him to the cave in Hira and the details of the very first revelation (96:1-5). We also discussed subsequent verses that followed from Surah 68: 1-6 and 93 and how we can reflect on those verses with our own struggles in these tough times now.
I look forward to a great year with these students. They are amazing kids, mA!
Mona Elgindy

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