Class Update for KG/1 Qur’an/Arabic


As usual we started out the day by asking the children in Arabic what their names were. We asked Maismuka (for boys) and Maismukee (for girls). Feel free to ask your child Maismuka/Maismukee for fun!
We then transitioned to Quran. Because we have a wide arrange of different skill levels, we have split the children into two groups. Those who do not know Surat Al Fatiha are learning it with the TA, and those who do know it are learning Surat Al Kawthar with Ms. Lama.
Assignment for Surat Al Kawthar: Review all 3 ayahs
Assignment for Surat Al Fatiha: Review first 4 ayahs

This week we introduced the children to the letter Jeem. The word that was taught was Jamal, which means camel. We brought a toy Jamal the students interacted with and spent time coloring Jamal. We also learned the number 1 in Arabic. Here is a video you can watch with your child about wahid:
Please work on the worksheet sent home with your child! We do check to see who has completed the work and who hasn’t.

Inshallah I will see you next Sunday,

Lama Sharaf

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