Expense Reimbursement

Thank you for your support of and commitment to Mohammed Webb Foundation! If you have recently made a purchase or expense on behalf of Mohammed Webb Foundation, we ask that you please fill out the following expense reimbursement form. If you would like this expense to be recorded as an in-kind donation, please be sure to indicate below.

IMPORTANT: Immediately before or after filling out this form, take a photo of or scan your receipt(s) and email them to admin@mohammedwebb.org with the subject: “Receipt for Expense Reimbursement.” Be sure to write your full name and the program/event name on the top of the receipt(s). A reimbursement will not be issued until a receipt is received.

  • This email address must be linked to either your QuickPay or PayPal account.
    An in-kind donation is one where you do not want a reimbursement. It will be recorded so that we can provide it as part of your tax deductible contribution at the end of the year.
    If your expense is for a specific event, please specify which event in "other." If you have receipts for more than one program or event, submit separate forms for each program or event.
  • Please include the receipt date, amount spent and description for each receipt:
    Please note that if you cannot receive payment electronically, there may be a significant delay in the issuing of a check. Therefore we highly encourage you create either a QuickPay or PayPal account. If you have questions about setting up an account, please email us at admin@mohammedwebb.org

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