KG/1 Islamic Studies Updates

Assalamualaikum Parents,

It has been a very successful semester in KG – 1st grade Islamic Studies. Thank you for allowing your children to join our class and we look forward to seeing you all in 2017. Have a wonderful and safe winter break!!Due to weather and an

Due to weather and an unforeseen absence we were unable to finish the lessons on Prophet Yacoub and Khadija, but inshallah we will add them to our lessons in January. Our lessons for the last 8 weeks are listed below:

Prophet Muhammad
10/23 – Week 1 – His family, children, wives, family tree project
10/30 – Week 2 – worked as a shepherd and as a merchant (worked for and married Khadijah), drew picture of scenery of one or both of his jobs
11/6 – Week 3 – Muhammad becomes a Prophet, Jabal al Noor story, drew a picture of what

Prophet Nuh
11/13 – We read the story of Nuh and the Ark in the Children’s Qur’an – we completed an ark craft w/ animal crackers

Prophet Yunus
11/20 – We read the story of Yunus and the whale – we completed a color sheet showing Yunus inside of the whale
We also watched a cartoon video of the story:

Thanksgiving break
11/27 – No School

Prophet Suleiman – 12/4

12/11 – (Prophet Yacoub scheduled) No School due to weather
12/18 – (Khadijah scheduled) Absent

WS,Ms. Joy and

Ms. Joy and Ms. Suha

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