KG/1st Islamic Updates from Ms. Joy

Assalamualaikum Parents,

This week in Islamic Studies we studied the five pillars of Islam. I started by asking the children if they knew what pillars were and they said yes. They quickly referred to the ones in the front of the White House. I asked them if they knew why the pillars were there and they brilliantly told me that they are there to make the building strong. This led to several moments of Q&A discussing how the five pillars of Islam help us to stay strong in Islam. We spent a significant amount of time listing each of the five pillars (Shahadah, Prayer, Charity, Fasting and Hajj) and explaining their significance to us as Muslims. We reached the conclusion that the five pillars provide us with a solid foundation to practice Islam.

To illustrate the lesson, we used construction paper to create a house (Islam) along with the five pillars, which were cutout and labeled. My goal in this lesson was to give the children a general explanation for the main aspects of our belief system. In the coming months we will revisit each one of the pillars so that they can develop a deeper understanding.

Have a great week and IA we will see you all on Sunday!!


Joy and Suha

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